Property Management

We offer two types of property management here at Property Shoppe, LLC:

Leasing only, without monthly management

• Marketing/Advertising the property
• Full listing in MLS
• Show the property to prospects
• Screen prospective tenants
• Prepare Lease & Required Disclosures
• Document condition of property at move-in

Full monthly management

• Leasing property (No leasing fee)
• Respond to tenant communications
• Coordinate service and repairs as needed
• Maintain lease as required
• Collect rents
• Maintain security desposits in escrow, as required by Colorado law
• Provide you with a detailed monthly statement with copies of all receipts
• Deposit your monthly proceeds to your bank account (or deliver per your instructions)
• Provide a detailed annual statement ready for delivery to your CPA or tax advisor

If you don't make money, we don't make money!

** With Full Monthly Management our fee is a percentage of rent actually collected. You will NOT pay a leasing fee. 

For more information and/or a quote, please contact us.